Chinook Observer

  • Flight of the Bumble Bee: The Columbia River Packers Association & A Century in the Pursuit of Fish
  • Observing Our Peninsula's Past: The Age of Legends Through 1931
  • Observing Our Peninsulas Past: Volume Two The 1930s Through 1980
  • How Old Is That Label?: A Guide for Dating Salmon Labels
  • Sand Under My Feet
  • Oysterville: The First Generations

East Oregonian Publishing Co / EO Media Group

Daily Astorian

  • A Pictorial History of Seaside & Gearhart
  • Fort Clatsop: Rebuilding an Icon
  • The Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Travel’s Companion for Oregon and Washington

East Oregonian

  • Out of the Vault: Historical Vignettes from the East Oregonian (ebook)
  • Before and After "The Big One": Preparing for the Cascadia earthquake, and what to expect in Eastern Oregon after it hits (ebook)
  • A Rodeo to Remember: The Centennial Pendleton Round-Up in Photos
  • Umatilla County: The Early Years

Capital Press

  • Western Innovators: Profiles of 42 agricultural leaders who shaped the West in 2011 (ebook)
  • Going Native for Seed (ebook)
  • Keen on Quinoa (ebook)
  • Viticulture 2012 (ebook)
  • Locavore: Fad or future? (ebook)
  • A legacy reborn: Great Park revives Orange County's agricultural legacy (ebook
  • Western Innovators 2012 (ebook)

Wallowa County Chieftain

  • 5200 Thursdays in the Wallowas: A centennial history of the Wallowa County Chieftain